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KATARZYNA - the combination of the Finnish and infrared sauna

Katarzyna - Exclusive sauna PL

Three ways of achieving comfort

Corner, multifunction sauna room with the additional double glazing- it is sauna KATARZYNA. This model is designed for those who appreciate versality most of all. Our designers took great pains so that this model doesn't need much space ( it is presented in the photographs 2m. x 2m.), however the people inside feel very comfortable. This effect has been achieved by creating the glass space through which more light is let in, and ergonomicly unfolded seats with backs help to relax.

KATARZYNA - Infrared sauna

Functionlity and originality of this model enable many possibilities of configuration and design. Aestheticly hidden behind the backs and under the seats infrared radiators (eight items) warm our body like the sunrays, by emiting infrared waves of the appropriate length without harmful UV radiation. The bathe in the temperature not higher than 50-60°C is excellent for elderly people, women and children ( read about the adventages of the infrared saunas- click here).

KATARZYNA - Finnish sauna

Three in one, by means of an aesthetic external digital panel we can change our infrared sauna room into Finnish one in one moment. The temperature in the Finnish sauna room reaches 80-110 °C. The bathe in it esures the relaxation after the tough phisical effort (e.g. for people leading sport lifestyle). During the cool evenings, when you come back from the gym or swimming pool sauna KATARZYNA invites us to have a rest in the traditional way, pouring the stones, raising the clouds of vapour we clean our body from toxins. Scandinavian spruce of which the sauna room is made, is thoroughly impregnated so that a doublefunction sauna heater is possible to be installed there (a combination of dry sauna and the steam one, click here).

The basic equipment of sauna KATARZYNA

  • Sauna room (2m x 2m) with a truncated corner (or with any other configuration) the version Scandinavian spruce (external and interna panel) in connection with abachi (the benches with the finish, lampshade, landing etc.)
  • Infrared radiators of German producer, 8 items - 400W IRS 4
  • Electric external panel EMOTEC B-6000
  • Corner lighting in a colourful setting 1 item
  • Under-bench lighting in a traditional setting, 2 items
  • Toughened glass door (dimensions of the pane 0,57m x 1,78m)
  • Windows with the joint panes 2 pieces (0,6m x 0,8m)
  • Ventilation grating with the blinds
  • Ergonomic bolsters made of abachi - 2 items
  • Sauna stove 8 kW,
  • Aesthetic switch, hanger for towels, external drawer for the cosmetics
Katarzyna - draft

Additional options:

  • Colour-therapy system
  • Double function stove
  • Accessories to spray aromatic essence
  • Massage brushes (ask for details)
  • Deckchairs Lafuma
  • Possibilities of the finishes:
    - Canadian fir
    - Alder
    - Spruce without knots
    - Cedar
    - Aspen
    - Linden
  • Wooden tub with a landing,
  • Boatswain, bucket
  • Floor grating made of plastic (ask for details)
  • Body-Relax bed of an anatomical shape(ask for details)
  • External protruding vault with a point lighting (ask for details)

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Producer of saunas

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